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Our mission is the safe integration of drones into airspaces around the world.  Founded in 2015, we were one of the first commercial drone operators in Alaska and across the United States.  We are at the cutting edge of drone innovation and are using our experience to educate companies and equip them with the tools and knowledge needed for safe and effective drone operations.


We are a team member on the UAS Integration Pilot Program, a highly selective, regulatory fast-track for experimental drone operations. The USDOT and FAA selected only ten IPP locations nationwide based on the applicant teams’ experience and proposed operations. Aquilo is one of a few private companies on the winning team led by UAF and the Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration (“ACUASI”). The applicant pool was especially competitive—not even Amazon was on a winning team. Aquilo is currently working on conducting Beyond Visual Line of Sight (“BVLOS”) flights to monitor Alaska fish populations. Our artificial intelligence experts are developing algorithms that automate much of the repetitive work involved in counting fish, wildlife, trees, and assessing other natural resources. 

Enterprise Education

Our product helps small businesses and local governments safely operate drones and integrate drone services into existing workflows. Companies in Alaska and across the US want to use drones but need a turnkey product that manages initial training, relicensing, FAA notifications, local regulations, checklists, flight times, hardware, software, and data.  This information needs to be consistent across the entire enterprise, needs be updated, and needs to work in the field. Our product manages drones for you.