Team Members


Brad Dickerson, CEO

Brad Dickerson has been an entrepreneur since childhood. He has held multiple leadership roles and started several businesses over the last 15 years. He is currently focused on developing the full potential of drones for industry in Alaska and beyond. He graduated from Middlebury College, then moved to Alaska to pursue renewable energy innovation. He completed a MS in Applied Environmental Science and Technology at UAA, publishing research papers at UAF focused on advanced biofuels. His liberal arts background, scientific experties, and leadership experience in technical industries give him the ability to see the larger picture while mastering the details required to grow an innovative drone company.   


Cale Green, COO

Cale Green graduated from University Alaska Anchorage in 2013 with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. After graduating, Cale worked at the Lieutenant Governor's office in Alaska under Mead Treadwell. At the Lt. Governor's office he wrote a series of resolutions pertaining to unmanned aerial systems that were distributed through the Aerospace States Association to state legislatures across the country. Cale continued working in state politics until about 2016, when his company Sockeye Red Services began focusing on filmmaking and cinematography. Cale's understanding of the state's political landscape and firm understanding of audience engagement on traditional and new media give him the ability to help Aquilo maneuver within a a dynamic media environment.


Forrest Nabors, Board Advisor

Forrest Nabors is a former entrepreneur in high technology, an investor in early stage businesses and is currently Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science at the University of Alaska Anchorage. In 1999 Dr. Nabors joined the founding executive team of in Portland, Oregon and served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing from the company's startup phase through growth phase. A recognized leader in eLearning today, pioneered the development of online-delivered instructional materials and cloud-based learning platforms. After acquiring his doctorate in political science and joining the faculty at the University of Alaska, Dr. Nabors and three partners founded Alyeska Venture Management, a firm dedicated to developing Alaska entrepreneurship. He has served as an organizer, mentor and judge of the Alaska Business Plan Competition, Startup Weekend and Launch Alaska. His functional experience as a business executive spans sales, marketing and product management. At the University of Alaska he has taught courses in entrepreneurship, American government and political philosophy. His writing includes articles on business and government as well as the award-winning book, From Oligarchy to Republicanism: The Great Task of Reconstruction (2017). Hailing from Fair Haven, New Jersey, Dr. Nabors passionately believes in the vast economic potential of Alaska, his new home.


Mead Treadwell, Board Advisor

Mead Treadwell built a successful business career as a high technology entrepreneur who helped start companies that compete in today’s global marketplace. One of them developed the digital watermarking system that helps protect world currencies and DVDs from counterfeiting. Another introduced the high tech camera that launched Google’s Streetview, MapQuest’s 360 View, and was used by our U.S. military’s street level mapping programs in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect our troops and save lives. Since serving as Lt. Governor, Mead has worked to bring new sources of financing to Alaska and the Arctic.  

Partners and Investors

Aquilo graduated from the Launch Alaska accelerator and is actively involved in helping to grow the startup ecosystem in Alaska.

Aquilo is a proud member of the Alyeska Venture Management portfolio.