ADF&G approached us to help with their weekly salmon counts on the Delta River. Traditionally, salmon counting has been conducted by biologists, who must travel by land, sea, and air. Salmon-counting flights are often conducted at low speeds and low altitudes, which increases risks for pilots and biologists.

Despite poor winter lighting and sub-zero temperatures we were able to obtain data equal in quality to what can be gathered with manned flights.

Salmon Conservation

"A Game of Drones and Salmon" is a joint entry for the 2015 "Fishy Film Festival" in Homer, Alaska. 

We've been working throughout interior Alaska to develop drone use for salmon conservation. The star of the film is our partner, John O'Brien of ERM, inc and Remote Aquatics.


Denali Village

In early November our flight team was passing through Denali Village and decided to pull over and take some footage. We're glad they did. The early season snow and hibernating resort had an eerie feel.
Stay tuned, we hope to bring real-time scenic drone flights to the resort next summer.


Winter Powerlines

While one of our flight crews was out fliming fresh snow from a early season snowstorm in September 2015, they came across a line crew trying to restore power to one of the many neighborhoods in the dark. 

The linemen wondered if our drone could help spot some of the trees shorting out the lines in the area. We gave it a shot and were able to find a trouble spot in only a few minutes, saving the exhausted crew around an hour of walking through deep snow.

Click here to download the uncompressed ultraHD video (221MB)


Antenna Inspection

This is an example data product for virtual inspection of an antenna tower. The model is created from simple photographs taken from the drone as it circles the tower, much like the "Inspection Process" video below.

This particular data product is still in beta testing and should be available in the coming weeks.



Up close aerial footage of an inspection along with some drone-to-drone footage to help demonstrate what a typical inspection is like. A typical inspection process for obtaining video and stills for a large antenna mast should last only an hour. Data products include geotagged stills, video and optional 3D model (see Antenna Inspection).


Full Motion Video

Geo-referenced video that can be overlayed in ArcMap. This data product is useful for a wide vareity of applications from infrastructure inspection to animal counts. 


Real Estate Marketing

We use high-resolution video to create stunning visual shots of real estate for marketing purposes. We support video resolutions of 720p up to 4k to give you the highest quality videography data on the market.